Past Events


  • 28th January: Desmond Swayne: An MP’s Life
  • 26th February: Field-Marshal Lord Guthrie: The Duke of Wellington
  • 25th March: Members’ Evening: the AGM. Sir Neil Thorne: A Life in Politics
  • 22nd April: Tim Waterstone: A Publisher’s Life
  • 19th May: Tania Freiin von Uslar-Gleichen: The rôle of Germany within Europe
  • 23rd September: Jane Hawking: The Theory of Everything
  • 21st October: Anne Widdecombe: Life After Parliament
  • 25th November: Lord Alton: The Republic of North Korea


  • 21st January: Nicholas Coleridge: A Life in Magazine Publishing
  • 24th February: Stephen Barber: The Art of Storytelling
  • 26th April: Francesco da Mosto: A Shakespearian Odyssey
  • 21st September: Stephen Page: The Future of the Book
  • 19th October: Charles Moore, with a preview of Volume II of his Biography of Margaret Thatcher
  • 23rd November: Charity evening for the benefit of Positive East with Lord Collins of Highbury


  • 25th January: Musical Tribute to the late Mary Baum, past Chairman of the Club
  • 22nd February: Rt Hon. The Lord Astor of Hever DL
  • 22nd March: Paddy Ashdown